5 thoughts on “Welcome to Extrudergirl’s Blog

  1. Hi Extrudergirl. I really do enjoy your thoughtful and thought provoking messages regarding the world of clay. Personally, I stumbled over clay totally by accident following my previous retirement from 30 years in ‘career world’, and then spent 16 years in a second ‘career’ (even today I still foster thoughts of getting my own at-home studio up and running). Hand-building and SCULPTING (including some significant extruding, by the way) always topped my own ‘mud world’ and, although I was taught – by an excellent teacher and true master potter – how to throw on the wheel, wheel-throwing somehow just always left me feeling like I was only ‘assisting’, while hand-building/sculpting was ALL ME. THANK YOU, Extrudergirl, for awakening those wonderful dreams yet again. Love your work!

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      1. THANK YOU, Extrudergirl, for the nice reply and, once again, for sharpening my old memory buds regarding the wonders of playing in clay. I still have EVERYTHING needed for a full-blown studio operation (except for a potter’s wheel of course) stashed in my 3-car garage, but would HAVE to ‘make some room’ there before I could set it up. BUT,,,, I TRULY TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR MAKING ME THINK HARD ABOUT IT!!! 🙂


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