Kieffer Ceramics

An Advanced Ceramics Studio: Keiffer Ceramics 

Kristen Kieffer is a full-time studio potter and sole-proprietor of Kieffer Ceramics based in Massachusetts. Ms. Kieffer’s primary form is functional pottery with a Victorian modern twist. Kristen Kieffer is influenced by the 18th Century service pieces, Nouveau illustrations, and even contemporary cakes. The Kieffer Ceramics on-line gallery showcase displays the same quality as her Etsy Shop (exhibit 1) and museum pieces (exhibit 2) seen below:

Exhibit One

KiefferGallery 1
Image Provided by Kieffer Ceramics


Exhibit Two

KiefferGallyert 2
Image Provided by Kieffer Ceramics

Cross Channel Promotion on Social Media Platforms

Kristen Kieffer is not a typical potter. Most concentrate on only the production side of their profession and not the social side of ceramics. Within the ceramic industry, Ms. Kieffer is known not only for her quality pieces but for the remarkable way she has been able to promote herself as a brand in social media. Ms. Kieffer maintains an extensive website, a monthly blog, an e-newsletter, and postings on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Ms. Kieffer has made it easy for the consumer to connect with her through cross-promotions of these digital platforms which also increases her discoverability. The consumer and fans of Kieffer Ceramics can see that within Facebook and Twitter, Ms. Kieffer is posting the same type of material such as announcements with reciprocal links between both channels. A Kieffer Ceramic’s blog viewer and follower can read within a blog about a ceramic topic, which then links this person to Kristen Kieffer Ceramic Etsy store.

Ceramic Branding

Ms. Kieffer has been able to provide some of the best social media practices such as the expansive social media presence mention above; additional practices which impact her social media efforts include consistent branding, relevant content, and building social relationships through engagement. Whether on her blog, her social media channels, or in her Etsy store, Ms. Kieffer has been able to visually and consistently represent her brand with the same type of photographs emphasizing her style of work and personality as seen above. Her content is relevant to the ceramic industry as well as collectors of the style of pottery she offers. Ms. Kieffer explains ceramic processes she uses, new techniques she brings to the studio, and valuable tips which provides a value added to consumers and fellow potters when visiting her digitally. Ms. Kieffer responds to mentions, questions, and comments encouraging on-going engagement. Her blogs are often of current ceramic topics which demonstrates she is listening to what the social media community is talking about.

Ms. Kieffer presents the same clear headers and backgrounds across the different digital media channels building a consistent brand image. Within the digital platforms, Ms. Kieffer offers relevant ceramic content, which she creates as well as shares from other notable potter or ceramic industry companies. Ms. Kieffer maintains up-to-date conversations with followers and consumers as well as demonstrates listening and observing on the social landscape. Ms. Kieffer has established how maintaining an expansive social media presence through cross-channel promotion has a direct impact on discoverability, engagement, brand awareness, and return on investment. Click here to own on of Ms. Kieffers ceramic pieces.


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