Viral Marketing Initiatives


Ceramic Arts Daily is the largest interactive ceramic and pottery online community and resource including tools for learning and improving skills, and a platform for artists to display his or her work. The online company offers a plethora of valuable information for consumers, hobbyists, ceramicists, and artists involved in the ceramic industry or have an appreciation for ceramics and pottery. Ceramic Arts Daily’s traditional marketing efforts include the company magazines Ceramics Monthly with a paid subscription circulation reaching more than 108,000 readers and Pottery Making Illustrated with 60,000 readers. The digital marketing energies expand to social media networks such as You Tube with 24,270 subscribers and the Ceramics Arts Daily website with 197,000 users. This gives the company a strong potential to launch a marketing initiative that could go viral. Incorporating viral campaign characteristics, such as interactivity, relevancy, social media optimization, widgets, and badges, could generate the momentum needed for the Ceramics Arts Daily targeted audiences to want to share, engage with, talk about, and re-watch a ceramic related video over and over.

Ghostly Interactive Relevance


In 1990, the movie Ghost sensationalized a potter throwing clay at a potter’s wheel with the infamous sensual scene between the two main actors, Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Since then, many parodies of this scene have appeared in television shows, cartoons, and YouTube videos. Ceramics Arts Daily could create a video that contained an interactive component, intriguing beginner potters, hobbyists, and students to become involved and create a personalized ceramic experience. An example of a viral campaign utilizing interactivity and relevancy was Breaking Bad Name Lab on Facebook. The drama television show spawned a Facebook app that transformed a person’s name with element icons and allowed fans to set it as their Facebook profile photo. The success of the campaign was calculated by the 4.1 million impressions and was used by over 800,000 people. Ceramics Art Daily could launch an app like Let’s Create It which allows students, hobbyists, potters, and ceramic fans the ability to make a pot, glaze it, and post it on social media networks.

SMO, Widgets, Badges, Oh My!


Cross promoting a marketing campaign on social media networks is a necessity. Today, social networking is considered to be one of the top online activities in the US. In addition, forty-six percent of the online consumers are using social media to search for products before making a purchase. Therefore, social media optimization is imperative. To intensify the integration of social media to launch a campaign, Ceramic Arts Daily could use widgets on the company blog, such as Simple Social Icons and the YouTube Channel Gallery. For instance, this widget allows Ceramic Arts Daily to display the latest videos posted on the company YouTube channel. Widgets make it easy to share videos, blogs, and web pages. A collection of badges implemented on Ceramic Arts Daily website proposes engagement and brand loyalty. Foursquare, a location-based social network, offers mobile users a variety of badges for participating at various destinations through the app. For instance, if someone uses Foursquare at several different airports, he or she collects a Jetsetter badge. Ceramics Arts Daily could create badges such as “A-Glazing” for ten or more downloaded glaze recipes or “On Fire” for researching five or more firing techniques from the website as seen below.

Badges keep the consumer and artist excited and frequenting the Ceramics Arts Daily website.

Be Viral

In a niche markets, such as the ceramic or television industry, a company like Ceramic Arts Daily, can benefit from ability to target audiences with viral marketing initiatives that are interactivity, contain relevancy, and use social media optimization, widgets and badges. Fans, followers, advocates, consumers, readers and viewers have the potential to become excited about an unexpected video like the Will It Blend  or Alek Sings Let It Go:

on You Tube or a mobile app game like features like Breaking Bad Name Lab. Providing a marketing tactic that can be entertaining or useful on social media platforms, like social networks, blogs, and websites, can generate an instantaneous and globally reach leading to a viral marketing sensation. Viral marketing is the most effective and efficient way for a brand to gets its message heard. With the click of a share button any brand can be viral.


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